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Project results

IO1 – Job profiles and best practices promotion

– Data base on  most wanted jobs for young people; what professions can be executed without high qualifications or obtained in non-formal ways; jobs in which young people from disadvantaged groups (young people with disabilities, refugees) can have success 

– Promotion of the collection of best practice actions in field of bridging the gap between education and employment


IO2 – Toolkit package for teachers and school counsellors

– Tests to identify the competences and interest of the students

– Toolkit on the introduction and utility of interactive educational resources to motivate and familiarize students with workplace situations


IO3 – Online Apprenticeship Simulator

– Set up the job field, collaborate with companies and create the scenarios for the online job simulator (scenarios based on development of a CV , letter of intent or motivation;  tasks related to dealing with different work situations involving the use of foreign languages, cultural aspects, teamwork, creativity, social media and IT skills, etc.)

– Creation of animations of workplace tasks from different domains (tourism, customer services, IT, medicine, teaching, etc.)

– Piloting the online apprenticeship simulator games (each partner will involve a number of at least 20 students to test the virtual apprenticeship from a chosen field)


IO4 – Motivational practices and videos from companies dealing as promoters of young skilled workers

– Creation of a network of institutions and companies from the partners’ countries, dealing with different working fields

– Kit for tutors on how to make a win-win collaboration with the young students during their practical activities in institutions