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Motivational videos

Motivational practices and videos from institutions & companies dealing as promoters of young of skilled workforce

The aim of the action is to collect from companies’ best practices and motivational stories and messages to be transferred to students and young people for stimulating them for a better preparation for the world of work and the choice of a meaningful career.


WWW_Interview with ADV Close to You Foundation Romania

The key is to advise, to professionally orient very well, to test skills.

WWW_Interview with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Iasi County, Romania

We need to change mentalities for dual education and professional associations.

WWW_Interview with SCM SPORUL Iasi, Romania

Young people need to be aware and motivated for jobs such as knitters and confectioners.

WWW_Interview with UCECOM Iasi, Romania

Professional qualifications as personal aesthetics and hygiene, tourism and food industry and auto-mechanic.

W.W.W. Interview CHECKIN VALENCIA, Spania

Get to know about the skills requested in the hotel industry.

WWW_Interview with Intervista Tomada, Italy

What companies expects from students at the end of the training course. 

WWW_Interview with SPECTRALCOM Barlad, Romania

Future employees should be skilled and trained in maintenance and operate electrical devices.


WWW_Interview with URB Barlad, Romania

A profession learned in school offer later on professional and financial stability.

WWW_Interview with Orthodoxos&Misos ltd, Cyprus

Get to know the skills required for the agricultural working sector in Cyprus.

WWW_Interview with CIA – Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori, Italy

Technical consultancy, training, insurance to its associates (agro-tourism and biological agriculture).

WWW_Interview with Webag, Italy

Get prepared for a professional team of digital communication, specialized in the creation of modern, attractive and functional websites.