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Online apprenticeship simulators

Online apprenticeship simulators

We Welcome Work Online Apprenticeship Simulator interactive training session of apprenticeship, simulating various jobs situations by accessing different types of job profiles putted online through the form of animation problem-solving game.

The WWW Apprenticeship simulator has been designed in a user-friendly form to be promoted in schools as educational material for teachers and students.

The online apprenticeship simulator include virtual gaming actions for 6 job profiles with various scenarios and solving problems tasks to be followed by students. The virtual simulators include clarification of facts and concepts; build tasks and interact with others; record videos and upload; navigate through the work place environment, click on objects or characters to deal with problem solving tasks; receive quizzes and choose the correct answer; self-assessment opportunities.

Play our simulations and gather first impressions of the jobs that you are interested in. You will face situational questions and get detailed feedback for each choice you are going to make. If you are logged in your results will be saved. If not you can register before starting a simulation. Do not worry, all content on this website is free!